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I offer you unique hand-blown and hand-painted glass ornaments and votive holders using a Reverse and Sfumato painting techniques.

Each glass ornament is hand-painted from the inside of a glass bulb. The foreground is painted first and the background is applied last. All the painting is done from the inside through the hole at the top of a glass ball using special narrow brushes. There are several layers of paint applied to achieve the effect of depth. It is a very old technique. I combined this ancient process with contemporary designs to bring you a magical ornament.


Each glass bowl is hand-painted on the outside with acrylic paint using the famous technique created by Leonardo da Vinci called “Sfumato”. The technique applies several layers of paint to the exterior of the glass bowl giving an illusion of depth. The bowls are hand-painted on both the front and the back with myriad of vibrant acrylics and shimmering glitter accents. The windows of the cottages I leave unpainted, so when the tea light is placed into the votive, the light shines through unpainted areas giving the view of light within the cottage.

Each piece is a hand-painted – a unique keepsake to be treasured from generation to generation.

I can also personalize all of my designs, please contact me for more info.

 I guarantee each ornament and votive to be individually hand crafted.


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