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Harmony in Blue" is an oil on canvas painting by Claude Monet, created in 1917. The painting is one of the later works of Monet's career and was painted when he was suffering from cataracts. As a result, the painting has a hazy quality that adds to its dreamlike quality.

The Water Lilies series is a collection of about 250 oil paintings by Claude Monet. The paintings depict the water lilies, the round bridge, and the pond in Monet's garden at Giverny, west of Paris. The paintings may evoke a sense of peace or balance, or they may be perceived as blurred and dreary, depending on the viewer's perspective. According to Robert Hayden's poem "Monet's Water Lilies," the paintings may also represent a special place to escape from the evil in the world.


A True one-of-a-kind collector’s item you and your family will cherish for generations.

A beautiful present for an art lover.

Water Lilies by Monet

  • Authentic LI BIEN ornament,

    comes with certificate of authenticity,

    Mouth blown, hand painted on inside.

    Size 3” round.

    Packaged in a blue velvet gift box with satin-lined inside.

    Remember, Li Bien ornaments are not only beautiful but also carry a sense of tradition and craftsmanship.

    Whether you hang them on your tree or display them in a decorative bowl, they’ll evoke warm memories year after year.

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