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Van Gogh's famous Almond Tree is painted all the way around on the inside of a mouth blown glass with oil paint.

This painting is one of van Gogh’s most highly regarded works of art. And this is his last painting. He died several weeks after he finished it. He painted it with his brother Theo’s newborn baby son in mind.

Van Gogh was deeply moved when Theo and Johanna chose to name their first born son Vincent. Van Gogh wrote to his mother: “ I started right away painting for Theo’s son to hang in his bedroom big branches of almond blossoms against a bright blue sky”. He painted the early blossoming Almond trees as a symbol of the continuing of new life.


Authentic LI BIEN ornament painted on inside
Size 2.75” round.
The ornament comes in a padded keepsake gift box that’s perfect for gift giving and safe storage. It comes with the certificate of authenticity and a story about the painting.
Gold metal cap and gold cord with blue bow provides a beautiful and easy way to hang an ornament on a Christmas tree or a decorative ornament stand.

This ornament is a true collector's item. A beautiful display piece and a lovely present to an art lover.


Almond Tree Van Gogh

  • Authentic LI BIEN ornament,

    comes with certificate of authenticity,

    Mouth blown, hand painted on inside.

    Size 2.75” round.

    Packaged in a blue gift box.

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