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The ornament is hand-painted on the inside of the hand-blown glass bulb with oil paint using the “Reverse Painting” technique. The foreground is painted first and the background is applied last. All the painting is done from the inside through the hole at the top of a glass ball using special narrow brushes. There are several layers of paint applied to achieve the effect of depth. The card explaining the technique is included.


Nesting Dolls Ornament

  • Do you know that the name “Matryoshka” dolls, also known as Babushka dolls, stacking dolls or nesting dolls, came from a Russian female first name "Matryona" (Mary) and reveals the mother with her children. The dolls often follow a theme; the themes may vary, usually from fairy tale characters. On my ornament I painted 4 dolls with the classic holiday Father Frost and Snow Maiden.

    The ornament is 4x4 inches large round shape.

    It has a blue glass cap and a gold tassel on a top that allows for display on a Christmas tree or a decorative stand.

    The ornament can be personalized with a name or a date.

    It is packaged in a blue velvet gift box with satin-lined inside.

    Keep for yourself or make a gift for someone special this holiday season.

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