The ornament is hand-painted on the inside of the hand-blown glass bulb with oil paint using the “Reverse Painting” technique. The foreground is painted first and the background is applied last. All the painting is done from the inside through the hole at the top of a glass ball using special narrow brushes. There are several layers of paint applied to achieve the effect of depth. The card explaining the technique is included.

Madonna and Child

  • Raphael's famous Madonna and Child is painted all the way around on the inside of a glass ornament.

    The Painting itself has been in the permanent collection of the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg Russia since 1881.

    Raphael entered the history of Italian art as the "genius of harmony". The ideals of the High Renaissance were best embodied in his works. The Madonna and Child is one of the early works by the master. It was painted in 1504. Despite his still unformed style, the picture is remarkable for its superb composition, the beauty of the linear rhythms, the nobility of the color harmonies and the perfection of the images - everything which was to be developed to such heights in Raphael's mature work. The transparency of the spring landscape in the distance is in harmony with the image of Mary - young and beautiful like the world which surrounds her.

    It is also called The Conestabile Madonna. This name comes from the Conestabile family of Perugia, from whom it was acquired by Alexander II of Russia in 1871. The Tsar presented it to his wife, Maria Alexandrovna. Since then, the painting has been on exhibit in the Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg.

    The painting portrays the Madonna holding the Child while reading a book. In 1881, when the picture was moved to canvas, it was discovered that in the original version the Madonna contemplated a pomegranate (symbol of the Passion) instead of the book.

    The ornament is 3x3 inches petite round shape.

    It is sealed with a matching blue glass cap and an adjustable blue tassel on a top that allows for display on a Christmas tree or a decorative stand.

    The ornament can be personalized with a name or a date.

    It is packaged in a blue velvet gift box with satin-lined inside.

    It makes a memorable Christmas gift for those who celebrate the miracle of Christ’s birth.