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The Manger Scene glass bowl – votive is mouth-blown and hand-painted on the outside with acrylic paint using the "SFUMATO" technique.


The size is 5x5x5 inches


SUFMATO in Italian means “to tone down” or “to evaporate like smoke”, in painting or drawing, the fine shading that produces soft, imperceptible transitions between colors and tones. It is a special technique developed by Leonardo da Vinci. In painting his landscapes, da Vinci “wrapped” the surface in fog to create an illusion of depth and volume, achieving the gradual look from light to dark. This creates the perfect background enhancing the look of the winter scene. I studied this technique and applied to the votives.


To produce the fine layers of the background hues, I repeatedly applied several layers of paint to the outside of the bowl until the desired effect is achieved. The bowl is hand-painted on both the front and back with a myriad of vibrant acrylics and shimmering glitter accents. The windows of the house I leave unpainted, so when the candle is placed into the votive, the light shines through the window. The snow sparkles & glistens with fine glitter.

The Manger Scene Vase Votive

  • Add a special touch to your holiday decorating this year with this lovely Manger Scene votive. A tranquil winter scene with nativity as a focal point is painted with several layers of acrylic paint and accented with shimmering glitter. A humble shepherd and his flock are paying homage to the Christ-child as Mary and Joseph gather protectively around the manger.


    When illuminated by light or candle, an atmospheric depth will occur, which is heightened by the translucent glass to present the viewer with a magical and romantic feeling. Everyone will be reminded as to the true meaning for this holiday season.


    The votive is 4 inches tall and 5x5 inches in diameter.


    Keep for yourself or give as a gift! It makes a memorable Christmas gift for those who celebrate the miracle of Christ’s birth.

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