The ornament is 3 inches round shape.


Comes in a padded yellow velvet keepsake gift box that’s perfect for gift giving and safe storage. It comes with the certificate of authenticity and a story about the painting.


Gold metal cap and gold cord with orange bow provides a beautiful and easy way to hang an ornament on a Christmas tree or a decorative ornament stand.


A True one-of-a-kind collector’s item you and your family will cherish for generations.


A beautiful present for an art lover.

Sunflowers - Van Gogh

  • Van Gogh's famous Sunflowersd are painted all the way around on the inside of a glass ornament.

    In the south of France in 1888, Van Gogh painted a series of sunflowers with the intention to give as a gift to his friend Paul Gauguin. This version of the sunflowers, currently hanging in London’s National Gallery, show 15 sunflowers erupting out of a simple earthenware pot against a blazing yellow background. Some of the flowers are fresh and perky, ringed with halos of flame-like petals. Others are going to seed and have begun to droop.

    He began painting sunflowers to brighten up the whitewashed interiors of the yellow house. He was at the height of his powers in the summer of 1888. Van Gogh told his brother Theo: “While other artists were known for painting particular flowers such as peonies and hollyhocks, “the sunflower is mine”. I use colour more in order to express myself forcefully.” This emotional, subjective use of colour would prove enormously influential on modern art, and continues to speak directly to people today.

    This ornament is a true collector's item. A beautiful display piece and a lovely present to an art lover. It will look great on a stand displayed separately on a mental or bookshelf.